The Morning After

Glenbrook Valley is quiet this morning.  A few cars traverse the streets, on their way to church or Shipley’s Donuts. Trains whistle in the distance.  I may be one of the few Colgate residents who is actually awake.

It is the morning after the Mad about Mod DocoMoMo Home Tour.  We need this quiet.

This last week has been filled with frenetic energy as we cajoled, bribed, and begged our friends and families to help us do all those things we had been meaning to do to our houses for years.  And by noon yesterday, Cinderella was ready for the ball.

Over 200 (one house counted 213) people paid perfectly good money to view fabulous Glenbrook Valley in its party clothes, and what an interesting guest list there was:  curious and supportive residents, curious and nostalgic former residents, both aging and young architects and designers, hipper-than-thou modsters, impassioned historic preservationists, and others who were just simply interested in Glenbrook Valley.

Friday, Jeff stated that he believed 10/09/10 would be the defining moment for Glenbrook Valley, the point at which we would establish our brand.  Maybe so.  All I know is that it was a pretty exciting day, and by all accounts, successful.

At one point, I was interviewed by someone from Culture Map who wanted to know how we came about our design aesthetic.  I was caught off-guard and probably rambled about silly things, but his questions made me think.

Mid-century modernism is really a small part of what Glenbrook Valley is all about.  Sure, beautiful homes on large lots in a conveniently-located area was the initial attractor.  Sure, many of the neighbors love clean mid-century designs and the joy of the hunt for great new finds. Sure, we have a propensity to party long and hard.  And sure, many of us are embroiled in advancing our historic neighborhood designation.

For me, that is the surface.  What I love most about Glenbrook Valley is the community.  How many people live in neighborhoods and do not even know the people next door?  Here, people know each other.  And care.  That is no small thing.

And worth much more than a vintage Herman Miller chair.

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  2. Shannon says:

    I said it on Facebook but its worth repeating, the most wonderful feature of our homes are the people who live there. Which is saying a lot because our houses have some pretty great features.

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