‘Tis the Season

blow mold santa

The holiday season has arrived in Glenbrook Valley.  Neighbors scurry about, hanging lights from the eaves and trees and anything else they can find.

In the Northeast quadrant, there’s a singing Santa on Santa Elena across from a sago palm turned Christmas tree decked with with glossy metallic balls.  Further down the street are a Blow Mold lighted Santa and snowman looking down from the window of the Kit Kat lounge onto googie metal carport supports tastefully wrapped in lights and topped off with holiday bells.

If we backtrack to the Northwest side, we see Santa again, peering in all his inflated wonder over the back fence of Tara.  On the corner of Erie and Glen Forest, a home features classic red and green flood lights, and Colgate Street is lined with the work of Sparky Griswald wannabes, and one stately picture window Santa on the corner of De Leon.

Lights are popping up on the south side as well.  On Glenbrae, off of Dover, colored lights stretch from the rooftop across the lawn.  It’s clear the competition is heating up in Section 7.

The best, as always, are the homes on Bellfort east of Broadway.  Decorations there are just starting to appear, but in another week or so, the holiday glow from those homes will be seen for miles, and traffic will creep by as drivers and passengers try to capture every detail of the intricate displays.

Our lights hearken to our historic past, so let’s consider other ways to conjure up the Ghosts of Glenbrook Valley Past.

In Glenbrook Valley, it’s always party time.  If you need some help, check this out!  And for those classic Christmas villages to grace your mantle, you may want to consider this Saturday afternoon project.  NOTE:  Shannon, if the gingerbread doesn’t work, here’s your Plan B.

Holiday movies were always a favorite.  Anyone remember The Snow Queen?  I’ll bet THIS trailer wouldn’t show today.

And everyone wanted futuristic, yet practical, gifts like these.

‘Tis the season, neighbors!  Let the celebrations begin!

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