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Say you had a late night out at a Super Supper Club event. Or possibly you were up stalking an amazing find on eBay. Either way there is a good chance that beer, wine or margaritas were involved.

Now say the next morning you had a craving for breakfast tacos, donuts, croissants or kolaches–but the voices or pounding in your head wont let you leave the house.

Problem solved.

Luciano's Donuts

I challenge you to find a neighborhood with swanky mid mod architecture, amazing neighbors and breakfast delivery for $1.50.

Oh, be sure to check out their pizza, meatball subs and lasagna too.

2 Responses

  1. Cheryl says:

    What a FUN time Dave and I had with all! So great to meet neighbors who like to have FUN times together – and then a party after the party! Looking forward to the next one! Also – would love to go shopping with you all! Needing some MCM furniture soon! Got to ditch the stuff we have currently! Love this “order in breakfast” concept too! Wahoo!

  2. Shannon says:

    I’ve often wondered why there aren’t taco trucks that ride through the neighborhood on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Ring the bell and I’d venture out in sunglasses and pjs for a delicious chorizo and egg taco.

    If they could offer a Bloody Mary I’d be in heaven.

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