Thats Entertainment!


Have you met Gin? Not to be confused with that hideous hooch that tastes like pine needles, this Gin is a fabulous enabler and a master eBayer with a great eye.

Case in point, just look at what she made me buy:

Okay, perhaps made is a strong word, but I am claiming to be powerless over Gin’s enablement. When she sends me a link to something this cool, I have no choice but to buy it. Thats my story and I am sticking to it.

Yeah, thats a lighted, mirrored fold-down bar. But thats just where the entertainment starts……

Behind door number one we have an AM/FM stereo receiver.

And behind door number two we have a Garrard turntable.

The center section has retractable doors and appears, at some point in its life, to have held a television.

The electronics need some work and we need to pick up some speakers for it, but ain’t she a beauty?! And solid walnut too–no veneer on this gal.

So a hats off and a huge thanks to an amazing enabler. I hope to return the favor one day.

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  1. gin says:

    Stunning! I LOVE your choice of placement and how the elongated ovals play off the verticality of the paneling. Masterful. It’s even morebreathtaking than I remembered. Happy I could bring together such a perfect match.

  2. Shannon says:

    Love it!!!!!!! I really love that it also encourages you to purchase more fun finds to place on it for display

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