Fortunate Fall

Scout and Finley

Here it is, almost Halloween, and no one has posted since July 4th. The long, hot summer has pulled people inside their air-conditioned homes in the first neighborhood in Houston to feature central air-conditioning.

Fall in Houston is glorious. Those of us who hail from colder climes don’t always catch those subtleties that mark seasonal change, yet there is a distinct smell of autumn in the air.

Our household has celebrated Fall by adding another pup to the family. We lost our 16 year old Wheatable around the time of the last GBV blog post. Buster was a remarkable guy, affable and universally liked by quadra-peds and bi-peds alike.

I’ve been telling folks that Scout, the 3 1/2 year old Wheatable, was lonely, but the truth is, I wanted another pup. Late at night, when the house was quiet, I’d find myself perusing, which is sort of a for pets. Indeed, some of the profiles are “written” in the voice of the pets themselves, which can get a little creepy. I mean, when a dog is “telling” a potential owner about its “turn-ons,” I tune out.

Anyway, a new profile popped up last week. There he was, a two year old Wheatable, who’d been running with a bad crowd and got picked up for vagrancy. After some veterinary rehab and a month at a foster halfway house, Finley was ready to reenter society.

Saturday, we loaded up Scout for a meet and greet, and the rest is history. Now, these crisp Fall mornings and evenings are even more glorious in the company of Scout and Finley. Wagging, prancing, and sniffing, they lead us down the streets of Glenbrook Valley.

Yes, it’s time to come out of doors again. Hope to see you soon.

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