Open Letter to Glenbrook Valley


Leaving Houston, and more specifically Glenbrook Valley, was bittersweet. The past few years have been a magical time. Sabrina said before we left that she wanted things to stay the same, and how I understand that!

Glenbrook Valley is neighborhood, rich with history and people. Many have lived here in GBV for a long time; others are more recent arrivals. Regardless, there are few neighborhoods with the heart of Glenbrook Valley.

We miss all of you, but more than that, we cherish that we had the opportunity to have been your neighbor, to have worked alongside you on community projects, and to have shared so many, many good times and some tougher times.

So we thank you. Thank you for the genuine welcome when we moved to Texas. Thank you for opening your doors and hearts to us. And thank you for your support when Joe’s brother died, my mother died, and Buster died.

We got more than a bit homesick on Bingo night. We all shared so many things: DoCoMoMo, the tea cup/garage sale, gatherings at the Kit Kat Lounge, brunches that last until evening, junking for mid-century treasures, and mostly each other’s company.

Glenbrook Valley is more than a swanky historic neighborhood; it’s a state of mind.

So friends, the door’s always open here, just as it was on Colgate. We look forward to your visits to Glenbrook Valley – Jersey Shore.

Maureen and Joe

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